Thesis Game Pitch: Kingdom Hierarchy System

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At the beginning of Spring 2013 in Game Project II, we are going to make our thesis game.
At the end of last semester, I did a game pitch of dragon race for the Game Design final project. I like this pitch, however, I prefer to make an RTS game. Specifically, I want this game to be a game with some ancient Chinese culture. And for my favorite, the ancient Chinese culture means the Three Kingdom history.
Currently, there are already many games built on the Three Kingdom history. I want my game has at least one unique feature, and that is the Kingdom Hierarchy System:

The game will suppose to be an isometric view. Here, each player start as civilian. As the player raise crop in farms, make merchandise in factory, or participate into a battle, he will gain experience to grow. Somehow he can become a general, and then a king. The king can be overturn by his general, an the general can be overturn by civilian. If the king was overturned, he become a civilian again, and he can start from the beginning to become a king again.
From civilian to king, player would play more RTS and kingdom management. On the other hand, as a civilian doesn’t have much power to domain an area, he can play more RPG feature.
The game will have two modes: Peace mode and Battle mode. In Peace mode, kingdoms could not attack each other, and generals, civilians can not overturn their kings too. At this time, players are suppose to do more kingdom development, such as raising the farm, build more barrack, etc. At a specific time period, the game turns into Battle mode. Now kingdoms could attack others, or defense themselves. King could be suddenly overturned by his generals or civilians at this time too. King, generals and civilians can also suspend to their enemy at this time.
A more visual view of this game would be: WarCraft III + Ragnarok + Romance of The Three Kingdoms. So, player normally is just like playing Ragnarok: go out to hunt some animal, raise their farms, earn money and exp. to upgrade level. As the battle mode unlock, they will play like WarCraft III: train military in barrack, send out dominion to attack or defense, control their hero character to enhance advantage. If they win the battle, they gain more terrain for their kingdom. Generals and civilians may suddenly overturn their king at this time.
However, this game idea maybe too huge for a student thesis project. There are many detail should figure out how to make the game work. If this game going to be built, I would do more detail design about the Kingdom Hierarchy System first, to make it simpler first for the game.
Acknowledgement: The Kingdom Hierarchy System is first came out by Zhi Dong. He discussed this idea with me two days before the game pitch presentation.

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