Rushing for prototype

This week we had change a game a lot. Instead of typical RTS combat, we made the game more about survival. In the game you can start with 5 penguin, and your mission is to collect enough technique parts to repair your spaceship so that you can go back to earth. For each penguin it has limited oxygen resources, and the oxygen is time-based consuming. There are multiple oxygen packs randomly spread out in the map. These oxygen packs can refill to the penguins a little bit. And when a penguin pick up a technique part to move it back to the base, the penguin would move slower because it is carrying something.

For the prototype, I am working on the collection and moving speed slow down. With Unity, we already found a raw project done by other from the Internet. To build a prototype, I still need more time to figure it out. So, I create a video to show the idea first just in case I can’t make the Unity prototype.

For an RTS game, I think the basics features should be select and give command. I am still looking on it.

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