RTS Game pitch

Finally we formed another team and decided to build an RTS game.
When we talk about RTS game, it is easily to raise up many typical RTS, such as Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Empire, Command and Conque, etc. RTS games have many similar feature, and how to make our game unique was our team’s No. 1 question. And also because there is 6 members in our team, we can not make a Warcraft scope game like Blizzard. So, we come up with the game idea which is single screen and cute art style game. We also come up with a courage system, which mean the unit ability will affect by its courage value.
For the prototype, we want to make it as simple as possible but also include our core idea. The premise of the game is, you are traveling into the space. Unfortunately, your spaceship crash into Mars, and you need to explore the planet to find parts to repair your spaceship to escape. At the same time, aliens may also attack you, you may need to collect resources to build your defense. For the prototype, you only begin with 5 penguins to collect resources and find parts.
The further work for the game will be: different parts may need different amounts penguins to move it to the base; parts could be alien labs, player can build their own labs base on them and upgrade weapons; it can be 3 kinds of penguin and 3 kinds of alien, they all have their unique ability; penguins could chose to equip different kinds of weapons.
I also have thought about how to apply Kingdom Hierarchy System into the game. The basic thought is, when a group of penguin was defeated, they loose all their weapons, but they still alive with their own level. The penguin could die only if they continue getting attack after they are defeated.

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