"Rover Rescue" Get Cut and Now it Turned to be a "Zombie" Project

Rover Rescue get cut in about one month ago. Sorry for updating it so late.

It was very tough for us to face the truth that our lovely Rover get cut at that time. Every thing seemed very good at that time but suddenly, 4 thesis games cut down to 2 games and Rover was one of them that fail.
However, some of the Rover team member still wanted to make this game. We decide to go on and make Rover as a “Zombie” project. So far our Rover team has 5 people: Zeph, Chongze Yang, Ziyao Chen (new member!), Alice and me. We went over the suggestion from the Gate 1 presentation, and discussed about how to re-design the game. Some features kept and we are going to make another prototype first on CryEngine.

As a programmer, I don’t like those GUI game engine such as Unity, CryEngine, UDK. That’s because I don’t have 100% freedom to build my own thing. However, consider that we don’t have many people, and probably don’t have much time to work together. Also, if we going to build our own engine first, it would take a long time before we begin to build the game. So I think we can build the game on CryEngine first, build the mechanics, to see if it is great. Then, we can decide whether to build our own engine for the game and redo everything. The idea of this is sometimes maybe CryEngine implement the game in the way not we want, or it may do thing stupid though it still make things work. So we can rebuild the game in our own engine, and make our engine to the right thing.

Of cause, we may not be able to build every thing of the engine if we decide to make it. I’d like to build the engine base on some 3rd party open-source library such as OGRE and Bullet-Physics. Those C++ library doesn’t have a GUI environment, but has enough manipulation to build a costume engine as well as some basic support such as rendering and physics simulation.

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