Project 2, Summary

The final week, we had present our project. The Crusader, our game, looks pretty good.
This time we used SVN to make co-working on code easier. We didn’t have to worry too much about code conflict if two people working on the same code file. SVN could handle it and tell you where should I do the merging work.
At the beginning we had used scrum and sprint pretty well. However, I think I got lost in the middle of time. Maybe, putting those documents in one single file, not on Google Docs as well as white board, and remind team member to check story board will work better. Generally, at the beginning working in scrum made the project work.
As an engineer working inside the code, I know there is still several bugs can be fixed. Such as collision detection, level design configuration and so on. Maybe as a prototype, it is fine.
Also, I need to do more about my time management. Most of the coding work is done by Max. I feel myself was just a watcher in most of the time.

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