First week in EAE:MGS class

I don’t know how to say the feeling. Because after 2 undergraduate transfer semester in the same campus, I am totally not excited. All apple iMac, free bus, trax and shuttle, Smith’s food and Union… just the same as before. Fortunately, as a graduate student who pursuing a degree in U of U, I have a community, the EAE: MGS. People are friendly, and we work and study together. Even I am still not very familiar in the community, and still not excited anymore, I always hope we can be much powerful after two years when we graduate. I am looking forward to that happen.

And for the first project, we likely do it in Moai. Moai basically writed in C++, and it makes the script language, Lua, can run at any platform, such as Windows, Linux, iOS, Android. It seems cool but it is strange for me even if I am familiar in C++. And the first project is to build a game to help Beehive cheese do their commercial job. Sounds wired but not bad for me to work like a studio with a company, even if I have work in a team to build a 3D Angry Birds but the game hasn’t be published. And my job in the first project is to figure out the I/O in iOS with Moai. It’s still hard for me.

Oh gosh, long time no write in English, this post must be much of mistake or misunderstanding 😀

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