Debugging Houdini plugins using Visual Studio 2015

This is a quick note for setting up Visual Studio 2015 to be able to debug custom Houdini plugins on Windows.

Purpose: Debug custom Houdini plugins in Visual Studio 2015, enable action such as setting breakpoint, watch and view variable during debugging.

How to:

  1. Have your VS project setup. If you can compile the Houdini sample code within Visual Studio, and Houdini can load your dll, then you should be fine. You may refer to the HDK tutorial to see how to get it done.
  2. Switch to debug mode in VS, then make sure in Project Property -> Configuration Properties -> Debugging, set Command to the Houdini executable (in my case: C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 16.0.557\bin\houdinifx.exe). Set Attach to Yes. I think this will allow you run Houdini separately and attach VS to Houdini to enable the dll debugging.
  3. Compile the dll, then launch Houdini.
  4. Start debugging (press F5) in Visual Studio.

Then you should be able to set breakpoint and inspect variable in visual studio.

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