After Gate 1 Presentation

Yesterday we did our Gate 1 presentation. We got a lot of useful feedback. Yet Yang and me also worry about our game is too simple to do. If we take out the dog and survival feature, it seems there is nothing more for our game. I think, we do need more on our game.
How about the personalization of each dog? So that different dogs have different abilities. How about the Courage System we just talked before? How about the different forms for dog groups?
Worry about we can’t make it? Well, I believe we can make it. Here are the reasons.
First, we have totally a year to make the game. Even if the true time is not an entire year, at least we have several month to make it.
Second, we have 4 engineers, I think it is enough to build our game code. We can handle crap even if Moai, so there should be no problem to use other better engine or library such as OGRE or CryEngine to build our game.
Third, I would like to take my experience as an example to compare to our project. 2 years ago I was in a 9-people team to build a 3D Angry Birds. We don’t have artist and producer, all of us were programmer, so that some of us turn to artists and project manager. And the actual number of programmers for coding was 4. However we only had 1 month to build the game, and using OGRE, which was completely new to all of us. And yes, only 1 month, we made it, even if there were a lot of bugs in the game, but at least, the game could be played. And yes again, we built our birds and pigs model, built the configuration file system, built the GUI and control system, involved OGRE and Bullet Physics engine, all by ourselves. So you see, even a team of undergrads can built a fully-play game in only 1 month, with entry level engine architecture, why couldn’t our GRADUATED students can make a larger scope game in a year?
So, I hope our naive game design can pass Gate 1. Then, I do like to increase the scope so make the game deeper, more interesting.

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